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Shop With A Purpose.
Shop With A Purpose.

Our ReStore

Our ReStore has grown to the second largest in the state of Colorado, with over 42 million pounds of home goods repurposed since 2006.

From humble origins — a 2,000 square foot rented storage unit — to our 40,500 square foot owned building completed in 2017, our ReStore has been serving our community since 2006.

Today, over 72,000 customers a year shop for donated furniture, building materials, appliances, and other household items for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. We also stock new merchandise such as "scratch & dent" appliances, mattresses and other building supplies, making our ReStore a one-stop-shop for our region's home improvement needs.

Our ReStore builds homes

Revenue from the ReStore directly supports our mission by covering all of our overhead and administrative costs for our affiliate, thereby allowing all monetary donations and grant funding to go directly towards building affordable homes, thus helping local families transform their lives through affordable homeownership. 

Serving the needs of our region

Contributing to the vitality of our communities, the ReStore serves families throughout our broad geographic area in multiple ways.

In addition to providing access to affordable home furnishings and appliances and hard-to-find building materials for repair or renovation, our ReStore also helps people who want to donate their home goods and receive both a tax benefit and the satisfaction of keeping usable goods our of landfills.

Our ReStore is the only facility in the 90-mile stretch from Aspen to Parachute that accepts used building materials and large quantities of appliances and used furniture. Our four trucks provide free pick-ups of donations throughout the area and also travel as far as Paonia, Grand Junction, and Denver for deliveries.

Our online store

Our ReStore has long been the economic engine of our affiliate and 2020 only confirmed this fact. Within a week of having to close due to Covid restrictions, our team hit reset on WBFH (What's Best for Habitat) and not only got busy figuring our how to reopen safely, but also finding ways to level-up our shopping experience. We also accelerated the launch of our Virtual Store.

We are happy to report that we are on track for first year online sales of $240,000—an incredible feat given our local population of just 80,000. And in 2021, we launched our Builders Club. With an on going monthly donation, members get early access to sales and other exclusive benefits.

Shopping in person

New donations arrive daily ensuring that there is always something new on the floor each day. Our 40,500 square foot ReStore has so much to offer whether you are setting up an at home office, adding a new sofa to your living room, or redoing your kitchen, there are always many options. We are here to ensure that you are able to make the purchases that you want. If you cannot fit all of the fun things you find in your car, our truck team is able to deliver locally and to the Denver/Boulder area. We can also provide shipping options.

Help us make homeownership possible for the people who serve our communities

Your gift will promote and inspire fulfilment in the lives of Habitat homeowners,which in turn translates into the health and happiness they give back to all of us as fellow valley neighbors.