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Lavender Family Closes on their Carbondale Home

On November 1, 2016, the question of the day was- How does it feel to be a homeowner?

As Adam and Tanell Lavender signed their papers to become official Habitat Homeowners, they had a few words to share about the road that led them here.


Adam: It’s a wonderful feeling to know that my wife and my daughters have a place and a sense of security. It’s also a wonderful feeling to have the security, you know, of not worrying about our living situation and being able to focus all of our energy on moving forward and improving our quality of life.




Tanell: It was such a release to know that we’re going to have a home. When he (Adam) first got hurt, it took us six months just to find a place to rent. It’s a big ordeal for us to move just his bed, to move his bed costs, eight to nine hundred dollars, just to move it.  


Adam: My experience with Habitat as an organization in general- they saved my family, you know?


Tanell: We can actually relax a little bit now and it’s a wonderful feeling.


Watch their emotional interview- HERE.  OR see where their journey began- HERE.

We are currently accepting applications for families to live in SILT.  Click HERE to find out if you qualify.

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