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Shop With A Purpose.

Guest Commentary: Habit for Humanity shows it takes many hands to build a home

Gail Schwartz, Aspen daily news

Like countless other businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley and across the country, it was just over a year ago that our Habitat for Humanity affiliate suddenly had to close our doors at the ReStore in Glenwood Springs and shut down all construction and volunteers at our Basalt Vista project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that our communities are coming back strong, it is time that we thank all those who remained supportive and generous to Habitat over the past year, especially selfless individuals like our front-line health care workers, public safety workers, grocery store workers and countless others for keeping their doors open.

Habitat for Humanity was fortunate to not only survive this past year but to actually thrive, proving that there can be a silver lining to uncertain events. We determined that we needed to stay nimble to continue to serve our community, so we created an entirely new website with online shopping at the ReStore and introduced new building efficiencies at Basalt Vista.