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Shop With A Purpose.
Shop With A Purpose.

GreenSheen Eco-Friendly Latex Paint

Thinking about adding a fresh coat of paint for your next home project, but want to ensure you’re choosing the best eco-friendly option? ReStore Roaring Fork Valley has you covered: GreenSheen, our flagship paint brand, is an earth-friendly latex paint that is environmentally-safe and non-toxic.

GreenSheen’s paints are highly effective as both primary and second coats, with easier application and removal than oil-based paints. Not to mention, dramatically fewer fumes and absolutely no odor whatsoever once cured, GreenSheen is also easier on painters and much safer for anyone with sensitive allergies or respiratory conditions. Best of all, when it’s time for a new paint job, GreenSheen’s water and latex-based paints are easy to remove, and better yet, are not designated as toxic as many older VOC paints are – making even commercial-level disposal easy, simple, and with minimal paperwork and cost.

Roaring Fork Valley ReStore is able to showcase and sell GreenSheen at a surprisingly low cost because of the science behind its paint recycling based sourcing, adding an additional layer of quality assurance and eco-friendliness! 

We also have the highest quality brushes, tape, rollers, and trays, and our store experts can help you find exactly the tools you’ll need for your next big project!  Visit Habitat for Humanity today and enjoy our exclusive discounted rates on all GreenSheen products today. 

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