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Shop With A Purpose.
Shop With A Purpose.

7 Reasons to Join Our Builder Club

Habitat Roaring Fork’s Builders Club is a group of determined individuals actively working to end the affordable housing crisis. When you join, you’ll be a part of improving lives right here in our valley. Here are seven reasons why becoming a Builders Club member could be just the right fit for you:

Like a subscription service, our online donation system makes it super simple for you to set up and schedule your ongoing gift. Whether giving quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even bi-weekly — there’s a donation schedule that will work for you. 

After the initial setup, your donations will be made automatically. Just set it one time, forget it, and you’re good for life. However, if you do decide to make a change, say you get a raise and want to give a bit more, you can log in at any time to update your gift amount.

With 100% of all donations going directly to our home building efforts, you don’t have to give large amounts of cash to make a big impact. In fact, as little as $10 a month can help a family achieve the important life milestone of homeownership. That’s less than 45 cents a day — way cheaper than a cup of coffee.

By giving smaller amounts over time, you may also be able to give more than you would with a one-time donation. And once the December giving season rolls around, you don’t have to make the mad donation dash because you’re already giving year-round. (Perhaps even allowing you to spend more on gifts for friends and family, too!) 

In short, ongoing giving makes it easier to budget throughout the year and helps you create a sustainable philanthropic practice that can last a lifetime.  

When you join our Builders Cub, it’s about more than just donations — you are joining a group of socially engaged peers who care about the issues affecting our generation, like the affordable housing crisis. These are people like yourself who understand the importance of a crucial basic need — a roof over your head and a warm place to sleep at night. When you surround yourself with others who care about issues that affect our communities, the connection you share exponentially fuels the mission.

As a member, you also become an insider at Habitat Roaring Fork. You’ll receive regular progress reports and invitations to members-only Builders Club events.

When you join our Builders Club, your gift strengthens our communities. 

You can see your impact as you drive through town and in the smiles on peoples’ faces as they walk into their brand new homes for the first time. Habitat owners are the people we know and love — they’re people like you who want to live, and be a part of the community, close to where they work. 

Your ongoing donation will also help maintain the magic that makes the Roaring Fork Valley so special. Our small-town charm is personified by the individuals who know your name at the coffee shop, the cashier who asks about your parents, and the teachers who teach your kids. It’s the cute couple who you overheard talking with the bagel shop owner about their dog’s birthday party. Small-town charm, at its core, is the purest form of human connection.

When you join our Builders Club, you’re helping us to build homes with our frontline heroes, small business owners, and other essential workforce families. These are the people who know each other, look out for each other, and keep our Valley’s human connection thriving. 

When you join our Builders Club, you’ll also get some pretty awesome perks. As a member, you'll receive a one-time 15% ReStore discount on your entire purchase of donated merchandise, advanced notice for upcoming sales, and members-only discounts and shopping days. On top of that, you get to choose a fun thank you gift when you join. 

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None of us like filing our taxes, but by joining our Builders Club you can unlock some benefits that will actually give you an advantage in the 2021 tax season. 

The CARES act allowance for charitable contributions has been extended through 2021, which means you can give more and pay less in taxes. Even if you take the standard deduction, up to $300 of an individual's charitable contributions--up to $600 for married couples filing jointly--qualify as above the line deductions, meaning you can deduct that amount from your gross income. 

For those of you who itemize your deductions, you may now give up to 100% of your adjusted gross income as charitable contributions. If you’re still unsure about how this all works, we highly recommend you discuss the ways that joining our Builders Club can benefit you come tax season with an accountant or tax advisor. 

Together, Builders Club members are making an impact larger than themselves. Join us?