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Why We Work

By Sydney Schalit of FootSteps Marketing 

For three years, and on three different projects, the team at FootSteps Marketing has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. We have framed doors, added siding, cleaned sills, swept floors and become a better team. In three different nearby communities, we have had the privilege to meet the new homeowners who are often working alongside us and have learned, from their perspective, the huge impact these homes have on our community. This is why, every year, we take one regular workday to build homes instead of websites and it is one of our favorite days of the year.
Every time we start a new project, we’re humbled to work with the staff and crew at Habitat for Humanity. From the moment we notify the coordinator about our interest to the final blow of the hammer after a big day on site, we’re treated with patience, confidence, and gratitude. Meeting the project managers and other volunteers for the day is definitely a highlight as we get to see some very passionate people do really hard work and love every second of it. FootSteps Marketing’s team has baby boomers and millennials alike so getting to work together, away from our desks and regular tasks, in new roles gives us the opportunity to appreciate our own team more, too. We live in the communities these Habitat homes are serving and are so proud to offer our time and energy. 
Patience has been with FootSteps for 9 years and has been involved in every volunteer opportunity. “I believe in giving back to the community as does our company. And supporting Habitat RFV is a perfect way to do this. Getting to see and work on two Basalt Vista homes (Basalt Vista Housing Partnership) that are almost complete was inspiring. Plus, I love the learning and the camaraderie with cohorts.”
From a business perspective, dedicating working hours to volunteer sounds a little crazy but it’s actually highly impactful as an exercise in collaboration and compassion. Our days at the office are really consistent; sure, we get new clients and are always learning new ways to serve them, but the day to day is steady. The week building up to our volunteer day at Habitat and the weeks following are energized and fun and we feel closer as a team than before. The volunteer day topics include how great it feels to be helping house community members, how cool the new homeowners are, how efficient the new homes are, how you can feel the sense of hope the minute you set foot on the project property, how kind and helpful and patient the crew are. These topics come up in conversation around the water cooler, in meetings with prospective clients, on dog walks with friends, and so on. This topic of conversation comes up often and always fondly. It’s nearly impossible, as a leader, to recreate the joy and sense of accomplishment this team feels after a day of working with Habitat for Humanity. For that, I am very grateful. 
Amy is in her second year with FootSteps and has been involved with two projects. This one resonated deeply for her. “It was great getting to be a part of a project that will benefit people I think are most valuable in our valley: our teachers. Volunteering with Habitat RFV teaches you teamwork and discipline as well as technical skills like cutting with saws, cleaning up drywall, sanding or using a nail gun. The variety offered with Habitat is very beneficial and leaves a lasting impact on your heart, no matter the task you are assigned with that day. I can’t wait to see these finished homes impact our community in a positive way!” 
Every year, we build our Habitat volunteer day into our budget and every year, we come out on top. We do this work because Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley makes sure you are busy, helpful and impactful, regardless of your ability, and always, always, keeps it fun. Congratulations to the new homeowners! It was truly our pleasure to help build your family’s home. 


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